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15 pics of a cute naked girl casually removing her pink lace panties

Patsy Ford, the well-known & very cute girl behind some of the most popular galleries, is a captivating young lady who loves flirting and being noticed. Despite having many offers from men who would like her to be theirs, Patsy doesn't want to commit. As she puts it, she prefers having more admirers who appreciate her body and attention rather than just one.

Everyone following the stunning Patsy knows she regularly shares new albums featuring her sexy pictures. She enjoys connecting with her fans and sometimes creates interlinked albums to build a special connection. This session connects to her previous gallery, which gained popularity for its fascinating pictures taken in her apartment.

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The gallery starts right where the previous one ended, with Patsy on her bed playing with her wet pussy. As she lies propped up on a large pillow, her hair falls over her shoulders and reaches her exposed natural boobs. Her nipples are hard from the gentle touches, so she proceeds to take care of her shaved pussy.

To tease her admirers, she slowly starts to move her panties so that her clit is almost visible but stops and moves her hands back up to her tits, biting her bottom lip. Patsy gently embraces the tits and runs her fingers lightly over the nipples, which are so hardened that they immediately return to their place. While gently playing with her tits, she moans softly and continues to bite her lower lip.

The photo session continues with Patsy turning around, lying on her stomach, showing off her hot ass. She poses and spreads her legs while playing with the sheets on the bed. As she prances towards the camera, a line of her round bum is visible through her lacy panties. While lying on her stomach like that, with her ass in the frame, Patsy slowly moves her hands and lowers her panties bit by bit to her knees, where she takes them off with her legs.

Lying completely naked, she curls onto her side to a spooning pose before rolling onto her back and spreading her legs wide, exposing her shaved cunt. With one hand, she grabs her tits while using the other to gently caress her clitoris and wet pussy. Patsy is so horny that she starts fingering herself on the bed while moaning. The gallery ends with pictures of feet, which was one of the wishes of her fans.