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Aunty Ki nude, legs spread and fucked on the cold floor by uncle

You know them Indian folks don't fuck around when it comes to sex. When Uncle wants his afternoon fuck he tells Aunty Ki "get down on that floor and make sure it's wet" of course being a good Indian wife she obeys his command and down she gets. As you can see in the hidden cam video After giving her titties a quick grope he lifts up her saree and gets busy. She isn't wearing any panties either, is that normal for Indian women over there in India or is it just because Uncle keeps wanting to play with her pussy that she just doesn't bother putting any on?

You know, I'd happily marry an Indian woman especially this one. She would suit me to the ground - my ideal shape, I like my women round , no questions asked when it comes to the dirty business and I fucking adore Indian food. Yeah, give me a BBW anyway.

She doesn't make a sound as he's fucking her, not even a moan. I'm thinking his cock's so small that she really ain't feeling it. Uncles really trying to get deep in to Aunty Ki too but I fear he would get a better response if he used his finger but truth is I don;t think Uncle cares for his wife's pleasure as long as he gets to use the whole between her legs to pump his cum in. Me on the other hand I'd give her lots of TLC, I would. Tongue, fingers, more tongue and only after she orgasms would I consider putting myself in Aunties pussy and allowing myself to cum. But, I'm a gent. At least he put a towel on the floor for her.

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