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And now some details about the pleasant exterior of this lavish chubby sex mad slut. TammyBritish's thick curves and luscious juicy bits will make anyone rock hard or dripping wet and is why she's loved in all the Telegram nude groups, they can't get enough of her naked bod and shaved pussy. Her big and round tits are C-cup, and they are so bouncy that will make you hypnotized. TammyBritish has a big round ass that is maybe even better than her boobs. She has measurements that read 89-89-71 to prove that she has the figure of a sex goddess. Just to know, this British girl has a perfectly symmetrical face with plump lips made to suck cock and big, round, hazel eyes that are to fall in love with. Not to mention that impeccable, smoothly-shaven, pink, bald pussy that you just want to slobber on and stick your schlong in. It doesn't matter which body part turns you on the most because TammyBritish has it all. It's hard to say whether she looks better fully naked or when she puts on a pair of stiletto high heels, tight dresses, skimpy lingerie, or some other combination of incredibly sexy clothes.

And all of that is just half of the fun with TammyBritish. Her physical appearance is just one part of why this chubby lady's live shows attract so much attention. The real reason behind her captivating shows is that the babe is a real minx in the sack. The list of kinks and fetishes and things TammyBritish loves to do is almost as big as her ass. If you have a big cock or a wet pussy, you already have her attention. Strike up a good conversation, and the babe will be all over you in no time. And when it comes to her skills and abilities, don't be surprised if she starts deepthroating out of nowhere. Being a slut gets her going like nothing else. She's programmed to drive you wild whether you're into BDSM, leather, anal, or something else entirely. And if you want to get really kinky, ask her for some voyeurism, she'll be more than willing to grant you that wish.