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Sexy UK babe Stella Cox takes her undies off on the beach and exposes herself

Stella Cox is one of those girls who never stop surprising. Even a dull day out at the beach can turn into an erotic adventure when she's around. This lovely brunette offers much more than she initially lets you believe. When you first glance at her and see her strolling in the sun wearing a colorful skirt and a plain shirt, you probably won't yet realize what kind of naughty personality hides beneath that innocent look. However, her striking figure is more than enough to stop any man in his tracks. You won't be able to ignore those slim legs and womanly hips gently swaying as she walks around seductively. Luckily, Stella Cox lives to tease and, knowing that you get to watch her get her turned on just as much as you and makes her do all kinds of dirty things. Even when she's outdoors, in public, she'll find a way to flash you when you're least expecting.

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At first, you'd see her playfully lifting the skirt and revealing sexy panties. Once she feels that you're ready for more, Stella will pull her shirt and bra down, baring her supple breasts and putting them on full display. That's when you'll realize she's probably far kinkier than you. Of course, the fun doesn't stop there as this brunette never leaves things undone. She will find a more secluded place where she can step things up a notch. If her huge, natural breasts made your blood race, you should see Stella once she loses her underwear. That sexy gap between her thick thighs is just as boner-inducing as her smooth, shaven pussy. From there on out, this hottie goes wild, showing you the performance of a lifetime while having all kinds of adult fun rubbing and caressing herself to orgasms.

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